April 16-20 homework

All - Check Mrs. Copp's blog. 
AP Lit -
Writing: Sentence pattern 11a exercise sheet due Friday.
Vocabulary: Make flashcards for roots and affixes p4c2 (pract to zo-), quiz Thursday. 10B narrative using even numbered sentence patterns—no study sheet necessary. Due Friday. Review in class the use of 10B words.
Basic concepts: Review Aristotelian concept of tragedy (Tuesday)
Grammar: Heart of Darkness exercise 10 due Tuesday.
Close reading: Heart of Darkness passages 10 due Wednesday.
Reading: Continue close reading of “The Hollow Men.” Essay due Thursday.
Looking ahead: Oedipus Rex/Antigone; due Thursday.
Mark your calendar: AP practice 3 coming soon. Still working on a schedule so you can take it during the school day.
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