April 23-27 Week In Nuce

AP Lit and Comp:
Writing: Oedipus Rex/Antigone in-class essay and computer quiz due Monday.
Composition: Sentence pattern 12 exercise sheet due Friday.
Vocabulary: Make [or find your old one(s)] flashcards for roots and affixes p1c1 (prefixes a- to un-), quiz Thursday.  Narrative 11A using odd numbered sentence patterns are due Friday; no study sheet necessary. Review in class Monday the use of 11A words.
Basic concepts: Critical lens theory (Mrs. Copp); Modernism (review)/The Jazz Age
Grammar: Heart of Darkness exercise 11 due Tuesday.
Close reading: Heart of Darkness passage 11 due Wednesday.
Reading:  Monday, pass out Penguin Critical Studies book on The Great Gatsby. The first reading, The Great Gatsby: A Novel of the 1920s,” is due Wednesday.
Looking ahead:  Begin reading The Great Gatsby text. You may buy your own copy, borrow one from the library, or download a version from the AP page on the blog. You may also read it (and/or download the mobi or epub file) here online. Using the question stem handout sheet passed out Monday, as you read each chapter in Gatsby you will create five (or more) challenging multiple choice questions AND write a short explanation justifying the correct answer for each. You will submit these to me by email on due dates to be announced.
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