April 9-13 Week

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AP Lit -
Writing: Finish Pattern 10a sentence sheet; due Tuesday. Sentence pattern 11 (begins modifiers; to date we’ve done compound constructions, sentences with series, and schemes of repetition).  Pattern 11 exercise sheet due Friday.
Vocabulary: Make flashcards for roots and affixes p4c1 (man to physi-), quiz Thursday. 10A narrative using odd numbered sentence patterns—no study sheet necessary. Due Friday. Review in class the use of 10A words.
Basic concepts: Impressionism/modernism (introduced Monday)
Grammar: Heart of Darkness exercise 9 due Tuesday.
Close reading: Heart of Darkness passages 9 due Wednesday.
Reading: “Good and Evil Reconsidered,” “Darwin, Nietzsche, and Hitler: Evolution of the Ubermensch,” due Tuesday. “The White Man’s Burden,” “The Brown Man’s Burden,” and questions for discussion due Wednesday. “How to Write about Africa,” and questions for discussion due Thursday. “The Hollow Men,” and worksheet due Friday will be introduced and read in class on Friday.
Looking ahead: Read Oedipus Rex/Antigone; due Thursday, April 16 19.
Mark your calendar: AP practice 3, Saturday, April 28.  Not going to work! Announcement soon concerning alternative.

Addendum:  Due Monday, April 16: "How to Write about ______." Use sentence patterns of your choice, hyperbole, understatement, and irony. The tone is satiric, the length about 2 pages.

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