November 14 homework

Grade 6 - Practice Latin flashcards. Read pp 135-138 in the Odyssey aloud. Write a 1/2 page describing Odysseus' conversation with his mother in Hades.

Grade 7 - Practice Latin flashcards. Make sure you know the words from your vocabulary sheet from All Quiet on the Western Front, chapters 1-5. Finish the account of your time accompanying Paul and his friends as they perform their mission in No Man's Land. Include details of sight and sound, and describe the actions of the men and their emotions before, during, and after the fighting.

Grade 8 - Practice Latin flashcards. Finish reading Chapter 4, "Painted Faces and Long Hair" in The Lord of the Flies. Finish defining words on your Chapter 4 vocabulary sheet. Answer Chapter 4 study questions 6-10 in complete sentences after restating the question:
6. How do the boys react to Piggy?
7. Why doesn't the passing ship realize there is someone on the island?
8. Describe the hunters return from the hunt. What do they not realize?
9. How do the hunters react to Ralph's angry tirade?
10. Describe the confrontation between Jack and Piggy.

Finish your Day 9 Stellar Island journal. These are the conditions:
no water (contaminated)
shelter is down
there's game on the island, but you can't catch it
Tyler is weakening
your fire is out
it rains
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