Change over your notebooks for Quarter 2

Vacation homework!

Everybody - It's time to change out your notebook for Quarter 2. You'll be taking old assignments out of your 1" Language Arts (LA)/History binder and placing them in your 2" storage notebook which you'll keep at home.

1. Make dividers for your storage notebook using the same labels as in your LA/History binder.

2. Take your old assignments (anything done before November 11) from your LA/History binder and place them in the appropriate section of your storage binder. DO NOT take out any handouts. Keep them in place in your LA/History binder.

3. Clear your LA/History binder of unrelated artwork and designs. There should be no stickers. logos, or doodles inside or out.

4. Clearly identify your notebook. Write your name, grade level, and subject on the front of the binder.

5. Remember that all Quarter 2 work will be typed or neatly written in cursive, and headed correctly with your student number, name, date, and subject written or typed in the top right hand corner of your paper.

6. Have a great Thanksgiving!
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