November 26 homework

Grade 6 - Practice Latin flashcards. Read pp 151-155 in the Odyssey aloud. Write a paragraph (minimum 5 complete sentences including a topic sentence) describing the Assembly in ancient Greece. Use your notes from today, but make sure you use your own words when writing your paragraph.

Grade 7 - Practice Latin flashcards. Study map of Europe for a quiz on Friday. Make sure you know the words from your vocabulary sheet from All Quiet on the Western Front, chapters 1-5 for a quiz on Friday. Finish reading Chapter Four. Answer the study question by restating it and adding other complete sentences to justify your answer:
1. What scene provides a contrast to the tension and horror that the men experience at the front?

Grade 8 - Practice Latin flashcards. Finish reading Chapter 5, "Beast From Water" in The Lord of the Flies. Define words on your Chapter 5 vocabulary sheet.
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