November 13 homework

Grade 6 - Practice Latin flashcards. Read pp 131-134 in the Odyssey aloud. Write a 1/2 page describing how Odysseus "must first perform a different journey" before he and his men can sail home from Circe's island. On a scale of 0-4, I will grade your writing on punctuation, whether or not you are writing in complete sentences, neatness, and how well thought out your ideas are.

Grade 7 - Practice Latin flashcards. Make sure you know the words from your vocabulary sheet from All Quiet on the Western Front, chapters 1-5. Answer study questions for Chapter 2 in complete sentences after restating the question:
1. How does the schoolmaster Kantorek refer to his former students?
2. Why do Paul and Kropp scoff at the term Kantorek uses?
3. How do the young men feel about Corporal Himmelstoss? Why?

Grade 8 - Practice Latin flashcards. Read pp. 58-66, the first half of Chapter 4, "Painted Faces and Long Hair" in The Lord of the Flies. Fill in half the definitions on your Chapter 4 vocabulary sheet. Answer Chapter 4 study questions 1-5 in complete sentences after restating the question:
1. Describe the adventures of the 'littluns.'
2. Who knocks over the sand castles?
3. What is revealed about Roger by his actions in this chapter?
4. Why does Roger stop short of actually hitting Henry with the stones?
5. How do the hunters prepare for another hunt?
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