November 12 homework

Grade 6 - Practice Latin flashcards. Read pp 122-125 in the Odyssey aloud. Write a 1/2 page description of Circe. On a scale of 0-4, I will grade your writing on punctuation, whether or not you are writing in complete sentences, neatness, and how well thought out your ideas are.

Grade 7 - Practice Latin flashcards. Study vocabulary sheet from All Quiet on the Western Front, chapters 1-5. Answer study questions for Chapter 1 in complete sentences after restating the question:
1. In the opening scene, why does Paul's company have extra food to eat?
2. Why is Franz Kemmerich dying?
3. How are Müller's feelings about Kemmerich's dying different from Paul's feelings?

Grade 8 - Practice Latin flashcards. Read Chapter 3, "Huts on the Beach", in The Lord of the Flies. Fill in definitions on your Chapter 3 vocabulary sheet. Answer Chapter 3 study questions in complete sentences after restating the question:
1. How successful is Jack in the second hunt?
2. Who is the only one who helps Ralph build the huts?
3. What conflict arises between Jack and Ralph?
4. Why is Jack so intent on hunting? Can you predict where this might lead?
5. Why is Ralph so worried about the 'littluns'?
6. What is revealed about Simon in this chapter?
7. How do you think you would be feeling at this point if you were on this island?
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