Grammar: Comparison adjectives  comparative adjectives
Comparison is a variation of the adjective to express different degrees of quality; as, wise, wiser, wisest; good, better, best. 


From A New English Grammar for Schools, by Thomas Harvey:

1. There are three degrees of comparison:

a. Positive
The positive degree ascribes to one object the simple quality, or an equal degree of the quality.
It was a mild winter.
She is as good as she is beautiful.
b. Comparative
The comparative degree ascribes to one of two objects a higher or lower degree of the quality than that ascribed to the other.
It was a milder winter than usual.
Mary is less studious than Emma. 
c. Superlative
The superlative degree ascribes the highest or lowest degree of the quality to one of more than two objects.
It was the mildest winter ever known.
The least skillful player could do no worse.

2. The suffix ish, and the words rather, somewhat, etc., denote the possession of a small amount of the quality.

bluish tint; rather young;
somewhat uncomfortable

3. The words altogether, far, by far, vastly, much, very, exceedingly, almost, a little, too, very, slightly, greatly, etc., denote a high degree of the quality without implying comparison.

very useful; exceedingly welcome;
a most valuable invention

4. Adjectives denoting qualities which cannot exist in different degrees, cannot, with propriety, be compared

But when not taken in their full sense, they may be used in the comparative and superlative degrees.
Qualities which cannot exist in different degrees:
 Blind, deaf, perfect, right, level, square, straight, perpendicular, equal, naked, honest, sincere, hollow, empty, dead
 Qualities which can be used in the comparative and superlative degrees when not taken in their full sense:
my sincerest regards 
Our sight is the most perfect of our senses.

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