Grammar: Declension of Nouns noun declension

Declension of Nouns

From A New English Grammar for Schools, by Thomas Harvey

A noun’s declension is all the different forms it may take to indicate its number and case. 

Example declensions for sample nouns:

1. “girl”


Singular      Plural

              Nominative   girl         girl       
Case      Possessive    girl’s      girls’
              Objective      girl         girl

2. “Charles”


                                        Singular       Plural

              Nominative   Charles         [none]       
Case      Possessive    Charles’s      [none]
              Objective      Charles         [none]

 3. “fly”


Singular      Plural

              Nominative   fly         flies       
Case      Possessive    fly’s      flies’
              Objective      fly         flies

4. “goodness”


                                           Singular      Plural

              Nominative   goodness       [none]      
Case      Possessive    goodness’      [none]
              Objective      goodness        [none]

5. NOTE:

a. The absolute case is not given, as it is always like the nominative.
b. The case of a noun in apposition is not given, because it always agrees with the case of the noun it modifies.
c. The objective case is given, though it is like the nominative, because pronouns have a distinct form for the objective case.

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