Allusion: A Tale of Two Cities : Tale of Two Cities
Source: CNBC


Hurricane Sandy definitely showed some favoritism when she thrashed the Eastern seaboard Monday night.

Aptly titled "A Tale of Two Cities," the UK Daily Mail Online published an article describing the disparity between the storm that blew through upper Manhattan and the "superstorm" that walloped Manhattan below 39th Street.

Lower Manhattan was bloody France. The monster storm of wind and wave flooded subways, blew a Con Edison transformer station, cut power, stranded the unprepared, and became a violently rocking cradle to one infant born after Mom received an epidural by cell phone light.

Upper Manhattan was staid England. Built on higher ground, there was no devastating flooding. Screens flickered while those riding out the storm munched popcorn and watched Netflix.

Thank you, Dickens, for a reasonable metaphor. My family was with the Netflix crowd in Englandor maybe, more accurately, Scotland and Wales (Brooklyn, Washington Heights)and we are grateful for all that was spared. Others outside NYC were hit much harder. Our prayers are for those who suffered devastating losses.

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