October 16 homework

Grade 7Read aloud for ten minutes and have your reading log signed. Write a paragraph telling what feelings you think Stevenson is trying to convey in his description of a house in the first paragraph on page 7 (p. 283 in the photocopy). Use short quotes from Stevenson's paragraph to support your thoughts.

Grade 8 - Read aloud for ten minutes and have your reading log signed. Read Chapter 10 in Animal Farm. Answer the following study questions in complete sentences:

179. Describe conditions at Animal Farm after several years had passed.
180. What increases had taken place?
181. What became of the promises Snowball had once made the animals?
182. Did hope for better things ever end?
183. What terrifying thing startled the animals?
184. What prevented the animals from protesting?
185. What had become of the Seven Commandments?
186. How was the Third Commandment ignored?
187. What took place when a group of human visitors came to the farm?
188. What speech did Mr. Pilkington make?
189. What response did Napoleon give?
190. What changes in the faces of the pigs did the onlookers see?
191. What uproar drew the animals back to the window?
192. What conclusion can you draw about the results of Communism?

Grade 9 - Read from page 89 to 98 in Part III of "The Controversy" of the Book of Job. Make a list of Bildad's (few) points and a counterlist of Job's responses.

Speech - Practice your 500 word speech.

Publications - No homework

Creative writing - Write in your journal.
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