September 29 homework

Grade 7 –Finish reading Chapter 5 of Call the Wild. Define the following vocabulary words, and in one sentence each, answer the study questions:

1. copious
2. jaded
3. salient

Study Questions
1. What advice did John Thornton give Hal?
2. When the team of dogs refused to move, what did Hal do, and how did Buck react?
3. What did John Thornton finally do to Hal?
4. What happened to Charles, Mercedes and Hal?

Grade 8 - Finish reading Chapter 5 of Animal Farm. Answer the following study questions in complete sentences:

85. After Snowball's plans were completed, what did the animals have to do at the Meeting?
86. What frightening thing happened?
87. What changes appeared now with Napoleon as leader?
88. What was the reaction to the announcement?
89. How did Squealer explain the new arrangement to the others?
90. How did Squealer meet the defense uttered in Snowball's behalf?
91. Did the animals feel any differently about the loss of Sunday debates?
92. What was announced on the third Sunday after Snowball's expulsion?
93. What explanation did Squealer give privately?
94. What was Squealer's reply to the question why Napoleon had spoken so strongly against it?

Grade 9 - Using the notes taken in class today, in a minimum of half a page, answer the following study question: What did the Hebrews contribute to Western culture?

Speech - Practice your speech.

Publications - No homework.

Creative writing - Develop your plot.
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