New notebook for a new quarter

It's time to lighten the load!

By grade level, please KEEP in your notebooks:

Grade 6:
Any papers having to do with Julius Caesar or Shakespeare

Grade 7:
Any papers having to do with The Tempest or Shakespeare

Grade 8:
Any papers having to do with Twelfth Night or Shakespeare

Everybody please KEEP in your notebooks (in page protectors):

The introductory handouts I gave you at the beginning of the year
Grade level course of study
Time line
"The Successful Student"
Various rubrics

All literary handouts
All writing handouts
All map handouts

All Latin handouts and exercises from Level II
All grammar worksheets from Worksheet 13 on

All handwriting papers

You may take all other papers out of your notebook and put them in your storage notebook. If you like, for extra credit you can bring your storage notebook in for me to check.
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