Grade Eight Christmas family

Eighth Graders,

Here are the particulars concerning the family you are providing a Christmas for:

Mom - Kelly
Gift certificate (whole class)

Son - Matthew, age 10
pants, size 34x32 (Brady, Mike D., Kennedy, Maddie)
shirt, size men's Xlg (Laura, Janessa, Trevor, Darian)
shoes, size 10W (Tanner, James, Katie, Mckenzey, Alexa)
socks, warm gloves (Kiri, Veronica)
football (Jake, Mike, Colton, Dakota)
dragon (Cayden, Eva)
Shrek 3 DVD (Cole, Jared, Mike S.)

Food - turkey Thad
stuffing Dakota
ham Alonna
jello Jake
muffin mix Jake

Please bring all items Monday!
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