This will help you with your notebooks

I'm getting ready to post the list of everything I expect to be in your notebooks. I'm posting separately for 6th, 7th and 8th. I'll often update the lists to reflect the latest assignments, so you'll always know what's expected. I'll put the latest assignment in green so you can easily identify what you have to add. I'll try to check your notebooks three times a quarter, and will cycle through them over the course of a week (I hope). Meanwhile, to address some concerns:

If you are missing an assignment, don't panic! Just do it. If you are w-a-y behind, start where you are and do one extra assignment a day until you're caught up.

If you are missing a handout, don't panic! Borrow a copy from a classmate or from me, and copy it.

If you have doodles or ripped papers or messy work, don't panic! Copy it over.

If you haven't completed your assignments in cursive, don't panic! As long as you're writing neatly, I'm going to be lenient until I get sample cursive sheets to you.

Meanwhile, look through your notebooks, check to see what's missing, and spruce them up.
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