Grade Six notebook sequence

Grade 6

  • Notebook rubric in a page protector
  • Cover divider (meaning the first divider in your notebook) should have the following information printed on it:
    Grade 6
    Xavier Charter School
  • After the cover divider, in a page protector, the "Grade 6" handout with "Course of Study" on the other side
  • Time line in a page protector
  • "The Successful Student" in a page protector
  • Class preparedness/Study Question and Entry Assignment rubrics in a page protector
  • Independent study/Poster rubrics in a page protector
  • Divider labeled "Literature"
  • “Mighty Men” handout
  • Grade level reading list signed by both parent/guardian and student, in a page protector
  • Divider labeled "Poetry"
  • Old man and the sea drawing
  • October 12 paragraph on themes in the Odyssey written in class after studying Odyssey notes.
  • October 11 paragraph on the Epic Hero written in class after studying Odyssey notes.
  • October 9 homework: What does Menelaus value more than his riches?
  • October 5 drawing (in page protector): Your character or any ancient Greek person
  • October 4 paragraph summarizing Book III in the Odyssey
  • October 1 paragraph: What is Nestor’s opinion of Odysseus?
  • September 26 paragraph: How did Penelope trick her suitors?
  • Outline written in class about epic poems, epic heroes, and themes in the Odyssey
  • Handout the Illustrated Odyssey
  • Divider labeled "Vocabulary"
  • October 1 assignment to find three words from pp. 27-28 in the Odyssey that you don’t understand and define them. If you did this on the same paper as your October 1 paragraph about Nestor, put a piece of paper here telling me that.
  • Our character vocabulary to date:
  • Our Word of the Week to date:
  • Divider labeled "Writing"
  • October 24 keyword outline and paragraph: Egyptian death
  • October 16-17 keyword outline and paragraph: Osiris, Isis, Horus and sacred animals
  • October 10 keyword outline and paragraph: Egyptian class system and priests
  • October 5 keyword outline and paragraph: Egyptian pharaohs and Menes
  • October 4 keyword outline and paragraph: Egyptian paper—papyrus
  • October 3 keyword outline (initialed by parent or guardian) and paragraph: B.C. and A.D.
  • October 2 keyword outline and paragraph: Semites
  • Keyword (it says "note", but it should be "word") outline handout in page protector
  • Notes taken in class: “Public Speaking”
  • Divider labeled "Grammar"
  • Grammar worksheet: Review 1/7
  • Grammar worksheet: 5/6
  • Grammar worksheet: 3/4
  • Grammar worksheet; 1/2
  • Grammar outline written in class with these headings to date:
  • Divider labeled "Latin/Greek"
  • Latin worksheet ‘Let’s Practice’ pp. 18-19
  • Latin worksheet 'Let's Practice' pp. 11, 14
  • Latin sounds list written in class
  • Misc. Latin quizzes and entry assignments (anything left over)
  • Divider labeled "History"
  • September 27 paragraph: Mycenaean Age
  • September 25 keyword outline and paragraph from “Greece, Ancient” handout
  • September 24 paragraph: What was the reason for the Trojan War?
  • September 18 paragraph: Choose one event or person on the timeline and write what you know about it
  • Outline done in class on ancient Greek life with the following headings to date:
    Ancient Greeks
    Life wasn’t perfect
  • Four page handout: “Greece, Ancient”
  • Divider labeled "Geography"
  • Greece Outline Map (in page protector)
  • Appendix A Student Map of Ancient Greece
  • Map showing Pylos and Sparta (in page protector)
  • Divider labeled "Xavier Procedures" handout (1 sheet, double-sided)
  • Divider labeled "Entry Assignments"
  • Divider labeled "Study Questions"
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