Putting your notebooks together

For those of you who were not here Monday, or who are still not quite sure how you should be ordering your notebooks, here are the general guidelines. Tell me if you haven't received some of the handouts because you were absent.

1. Cover divider (meaning the first divider in your notebook) should have the following information printed on it:
Grade ___
Xavier Charter School
2. After the cover divider, in a page protector, the "Grade ___" handout with "Course of Study" on the other side
3. Time line in a page protector
4. "The Successful Student" in a page protector
5. Notebook rubric in a page protector
6. Class preparedness/Study Question_Entry Assignment rubrics in a page protector
7. Independent study/Poster rubrics in a page protector
8. Divider labeled "Literature"
9. Grade level reading list signed by both parent/guardian and student, in a page protector
10. Divider labeled "Poetry"
11. Divider labeled "Vocabulary"
12. Divider labeled "Writing"
13. Key Word (it says "note", but it should be "word") Outline handout in page protector
14. Divider labeled "Grammar"
15. Divider labeled "Latin/Greek"
16. Divider labeled "History"
17. Divider labeled "Geography"
18. Divider labeled "Xavier Procedures"
20. Xavier procedures handout
21. Divider labeled "Entry Assignments"
22. Divider labeled "Study Assignments"

Phew! That's all for now!
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