October 10 homework

Grade 6 - Study your flashcards. "Teach" the Epic Hero part of your notes until you can orally present it three times without looking at your notes. If you need a reminder of how to do this, review your "Successful Student" handout. Be ready to write a paragraph on the Epic Hero tomorrow without looking at your notes. Start writing your dialogue or program part for the radio.

Grade 7 - Continue collecting sources (due Monday) for your Klondike paper. Study your flashcards. Read Chapter 1 in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. As you read, write down and define 5 words you don't know. Place this paper in the 'Vocabulary' part of your binder. As you read, also answer the following study questions on a separate piece of paper (which you will place in the 'Study Question' part of your binder):
  1. What is Mr. Utterson’s relationship to Mr. Enfield? How are the two men alike, different?
  2. Compare and contrast the description of the building and door used by Mr. Hyde and Enfield’s description of him. How does Stevenson seem to be using setting to convey a sense of the man?
  3. What is the story of Cain and Abel? What does it mean that Mr. Utterson says he inclines to Cain’s heresy in his dealings with others?
  4. Although both Utterson and Enfield protest that they prefer to mind their own business, both men actively seek to help others. Describe Enfield’s reaction to Hyde’s collision with the little girl. What does this say about basic assumptions of how a gentleman should act in Victorian London?
Grade 8 - Continue collecting sources (due Monday) for your paper. Study your Latin sounds flashcards. "Teach" your "Russian History influenced the writing of Animal Farm" handout, sections 8-10. Be ready to write about it without looking at your notes. Read Chapter 9 in Animal Farm and answer the following study questions:

1. What deceit was used on the animals regarding rations?
2. Describe the Spontaneous Demonstration.
3. What was Squealer’s explanation of what had happened to Boxer?
4. What did the pigs plan?
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