Grammar: Interjections inject emotion interjections
Interjections inject emotion

From A New English Grammar for Schools, by Thomas Harvey:

1. Interjections denote feeling or emotion.

Oh, how tired I am!
In this sentence the “oh sets the tone of the speaker by denoting a level of feeling or emotionInterjections may express grief, pity, pain, anger, surprise, disgust, joy, etc.

2. Interjections may stand alone.

Yikes! That’s the worst test Ive ever taken!

In this sentence “yikes,” conveys enough emotional meaning that it becomes a complete thought in itself.


Point out the interjections in the following sentences. 
  1. Hurray! We have won!
  2. Pshaw, that is nonsense.
  3. Ha, ha, ha! I am glad of it.
  4. Jeepers, did he really say that?
  5. “Oh!” said John.
  6. What! Tired so soon?

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