Irony: Situational



Situational irony is when there is an "incongruity between what is expected or intended and what actually occurs":

This was not what I expected. The hard drive on my new computer died.  

This is an HP laptop, a Black Friday  Special early Christmas present from my husband, given because my Compaq laptop was about ten years old, which in computer years is close to Methuselah's age. 

The old computer lived through marathon work sessions, years in the tropics, and two hurricanes. It was gifted last week to a woman who promised to make it's final years comfortable.

The new computer, a Windows 8 whiz not much more than ten days old, ran like the wind, then, without a sputter, shut down.

The HP rep in India talked me through two hours of 
resuscitation attempts before officially declaring the computer dead. His manager gave me three replacement options, two of which would cost (me) money. I opted for the free one: they send me a prepaid mailer within two working days, I send the dead HP, then they return a resurrected computer within 9 working days.

This was not what I expected.

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