Vocabulary: Prefer the familiar to the far-fetched

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Keep it simple: Replace "delectation" with "delight," and since the tone is ironic,
omit "intimidation," (Source: The Shadow)
From The King's English, by Henry Watson Fowler and Francis George Fowler:


Prefer the familiar word to the far-fetched.

The old Imperial naval policy, which has failed conspicuously because it antagonized the unalterable supremacy of Colonial nationalism.—Times. (stood in the way of Colonial national ambition)
Buttercups made a sunlight of their own, and in the shelter of scattered coppices the pale wind-flowers still dreamed in whiteness.—E. F. Benson.
We all know what an anemone is: whether we know what a wind-flower is, unless we happen to be Greek scholars, is quite doubtful.
The state of Poland, and the excesses committed by mobilized troops, have been of a far more serious nature than has been allowed to transpire.—Times. (come out)
Reform converses with possibilities, perchance with impossibilities; but here is sacred fact.—Emerson. (perhaps)
Tanners and users are strongly of opinion that there is no room for further enhancement, but on that point there is always room for doubt especially when the export phase is taken into consideration.—Times. (state of the export trade)
Witchcraft has been put a stop to by Act of Parliament; but the mysterious relations which it emblemed still continue.—Carlyle. (symbolized)
It will only have itself to thank if future disaster rewards its nescience of the conditions of successful warfare.—Outlook. (ignorance)
Continual vigilance is imperative on the public to ensure...—Times. (We must be ever on the watch)
These maneuvers are by no means new, and their recrudescence is hardly calculated to influence the development of events.—Times. (the present use of them is not likely to be effective)
'I have no particular business at L________ ', said he; 'I was merely going thither to pass a day or two.'—Borrow. (there)

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