AP May 7-11 In Nuce

AP Lit and Comp:
Carryover: Finish correcting “Dover Beach” close reading (Monday).
Composition: Compare your “Dover Beach” essay to exemplar essay handout and revise (due Tuesday).
Vocabulary: Review Lit terms
Grammar: Verb tenses (Tuesday)
Close reading: Heart of Darkness passage 12 (Monday). From Letters from an American Farmer and from A Vindication of the Rights of Women (due Tuesday).
Reading: Finish reading AP handouts.
Exam: The first ever annual AP Literature and Composition exam will be administered Thursday, May 10th here at Xavier. You are in on the ground floor! If you haven’t paid yet ($20), please do so by Wednesday. Meanwhile, plan to bring with you:
1.    A high quality eraser
2.    Time-keeping device (a watch)
3.    Well-sharpened pencils (perhaps 4-5)
4.    Kleenex
5.    Multiple layers of clothing: you can add or subtract layers for comfort
Get a good night’s sleep, and plan on being at school by 7:30 am. Eat a well-balanced breakfast that morning—you’re going to do well!
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