March 10 homework

All - Check Mrs. Copp's blog. 
AP Lit -
For Vocab 8A, write a free essay/narrative using sentence patterns 1-10 (there are 16 of them) and all 8A vocabulary words. This narrative will count as your quiz. 

Boston people - For those of you that like to work ahead, here's what we'll do in class next week: 
  • Push back again. We will wait until you come back to take the 2nd AP practice test
  • Vocabulary: Roots and affixes p3c1 (a-/an to chroma/chro); 8B narrative with sentence patterns 1-10 (16 patterns in all).
  • Writing: More pattern practice! Pick ONE of the given topics for each group of patterns:
    • Monday: Compound Construction Patterns 1, 1a, 1b – art, music,  OR dance at Xavier
    • Tuesday: Compound Construction Patterns 1c, 2, 3 – Mulan, Rock the Arts, OR Showcase at Xavier
    • Wednesday: Series Patterns 4, 4a, 5, 6 – teachers OR students at Xavier
    • Thursday: Series Patterns 7, 7a, 8 – English, History, OR math at Xavier
    • Friday: Patterns of Repetition 9, 9a, 10 – science, Spanish, OR Lifetime Sports at Xavier
  • Grammar: HOD Grammar Exercises 6-7
  • Close reading: HOD Close Reading Passages 6-7
  • Literature: Heart of Darkness and study questions through Part II
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