December 1 homework

Grade 9 - Read pp. 131-135 in Book XI of The IliadWrite a six-sentence paragraph answering the question "How is Patroclus moved to pity?" Create an action figure based on a mythological character or a character from The Iliad--due MondayStudy Latin suffixes and roots for a  quiz on Friday.  
Grade 10 - Finish writing your paragraph on symbolism in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Finish reading Fitt IV, and answer the study questionsStudy Latin suffixes and roots for a  quiz on Friday. 
Grade 12 -  Finish reading Part 1, Chapter 2 of Crime and Punishment, and answer the study questions. Write paragraph explaining Marmeladov's exclamation on page 18: "Why am I to be pitied, you say? Yes! There's nothing to pity me for! I ought to be crucified, crucified on a cross, not pitied! Crucify me, oh judge, crucify me but pity me! And then I will go out of myself to be crucified, for it's not merry-making I seek but tears and tribulation!..." Study Latin suffixes and roots for a  quiz on Friday.
Composition - Comparison essay first draft due Friday. Spelling test on fourth two columns Friday.
Publications - No homework.
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