Barn Dance! February 8 homework

Yee haw! Grade 11 and friends had a great time Saturday night! Special thanks to Mike McCarthy and "Strings Attached" for their wonderful bluegrass music.

All - Study Latin 11 roots, prefixes and suffixes.
Grade 9 - Finish reading Book XXIV in The Iliad. Write 3 text questions/answers related to the reading. Cartoon or illustration due Tuesday, February 16.   
Grade 10 - Read Book XII in Paradise Lost, lines 1-270 (pp. 247-253). Write 3 text questions/answers related to the reading. 
Grade 11 - Read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, pp. 27-36 and answer study questions as you read.
Creative Writing - Work on stories.
Publications - Yearbook deadline Feb. 28.
Typing/handwriting - Practice.
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