January 12 homework

All - Review Latin 1-9 for test on Friday. Download the flashcards from the link under 'Class downloads and handouts', and use them to help you study.
Grade 9 - Read pages 126-130 in Book XI of The Iliad, and finish answering study questions in your reader's journal.
Grade 10 - Read Act IV, sc. i-ii (pp. 181-189) in Macbeth. Answer the following study questions in paragraph form in your reader's journal:
1. Are the murders Macbeth now plans necessary? If not, why does he plan them?
Grade 11 - Read Act III, sc. i-iii (pp. 255-261) in Othello, and answer study question 1a in paragraph form.
Creative Writing - Revise your stories.
Publications - Work on your spread.
Typing/handwriting - Practice.
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