November 30 homework

All - Do Latin 7A. Reader's journals are due Friday
Grade 9 - Read pp. 49-53 in Book V of the Iliad. Answer Book V study questions in your reader's journal as you go along.

Book V questions (
1. Diomed has his aristeia, under the protection of Minerva. Does her help detract from his glory or magnify it?
2. Why can Diomed now recognize other gods on the battlefield?
3. Why does Minerva want Venus injured? (And how can a god be injured, anyway?)
4. Hector intervenes. Given that Hector is the most important Trojan fighter, why does Homer keep him in the background for so long?
5. List some of Hector's epithets.
6. Diomed wounds Mars. Compare the reaction of humans and gods when they are injured.

Grade 10 - Read from the Parson through the Reeve (pp. 16-20) in the prologue of Canterbury Tales. In your reader's journal, answer study questions 9-13.
Grade 11 - Read pp. 35-40 in The Autobiography of Ben Franklin, and in your reader's journal, answer study questions 18-20.
Creative Writing - Story deadline December 18.
Publications - No homework.
Typing/handwriting - Practice.
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