November 17 homework

All - Do Latin 6B.

How to combine your header with page numbering in Google Documents

1. File -> Print settings -> Check 'Include Page Numbers' and Select 'Top Right'. Return to your document.

2. Insert -> Header

3. Click inside your header -> Click the right justify icon -> Type your last name and press 'Enter' 3 or 4 times to leave a space between your last name and the page number. Unfortunately, you won't see the page number unless you're in Print Preview or have actually printed out the page.

4. View 'Print preview' to check your paper's final format.

Grade 9 - Create your 'Works Cited' page, using the information below. Until we figure out how to create a hanging indent in Google Documents, just indent the beginning of each item. Finish reading and answering the study questions for Book IV in the Iliad.

Works Cited

Adams, Charles Kendall. Christopher Columbus His Life and His Work. New York: Dodd, Mead and Company, 1892. 1-33. Print.

Coffin, Charles Carleton. The Story of Liberty. Gainesville: Maranatha Publishing, 1987. 96-123. Print.

Columbus, Christopher. The Spanish Letter of ColumbusWritten by Him on Feb. 15, 1493 to Announce the Discovery. London: Bernard Quaritch, 1893. 10-18. Print.

Irving, Washington. The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus. Philadelphia: David McKay, Publisher, 1893. 19-28. Print.

Grade 10 - Read through 'The Prioress' (to page 6) in Canterbury Tales and answer study questions 1-5 in complete sentences in your reader's journal.

Grade 11 - Read through page 22 in The Autobiography of Ben Franklin, and answer study questions 14-16. Be ready to take a quiz on what you've read so far.

Creative Writing - No homework.

Publications - No homework.

Typing/handwriting - Practice.

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