September 9 homework

Grade 9 - Read and journal Genesis 6-9, 11.

Grade 10 - Read and journal the first half of the Confuscious handout.

Grade 11 - Create one couplet for the class creed. Read and journal pages 1-15 (intro) in Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter.

Creative Writing - No homework.

Publications - Create a practice page on YearbookAvenue:
  1. Go to Page Designer under the Create menu
  2. Go to File/New Practice page. Enter a name for your page and save.
  3. A double page spread will open and you can utilize all of the tools on the site to practice page design and experiment with different photo and text effects.
  4. You can access saved practice pages by selecting the Designs tab in the right navigation. Click on Custom and then select Practice Pages in the drop down menu.
Typing/handwriting - No homework.
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