October 7 homework

Grade 7Read aloud for ten minutes and have your reading log signed. Review the first half of Chapter 7 of Call the Wild, which was read in class. Define the following vocabulary words and answer the study questions, using short quotes from the chapter to support your responses:

1. belie
2. certitude
3. imperious

Study Questions
1. Who do you think was the hairy man?
2. What made Buck go into the woods the first time? Why did he return?

3. What was the wolf’s reaction to Buck?
4. What was the “call of the forest”?
5. Describe how Buck killed a bull moose.

Grade 8 - Read aloud for ten minutes and have your reading log signed. Read enough of Chapter 7 in Animal Farm to answer the following study questions in complete sentences:

108. What added to the troubles of the winter cold?
109. How did Napoleon meet the situation?
110. What action did Napoleon take to get grain?
111. Why did the hens object?
112. How did Napoleon quash their efforts?
113. What is coccidiosis?
114. What brings Snowball back into the limelight?
115. What mischief was blamed on Snowball?
116. What tale did Squealer tell?
117. Was Boxer convinced by the tale?
118. What changed Boxer’s attitude?

Grade 9 - In the left hand column of your Cornell notes, respond to the information given in class. At the bottom of the page, write a paragraph summarizing the info.

Speech - Begin writing your 500 word speech.

Publications - No homework.

Creative writing - Write in your journal. Using your plot outline, make a list of sentences that generally tell your story.
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