October 13 homework

Grade 7Read aloud for ten minutes and have your reading log signed. Review your Call of the Wild handouts to prepare for a quiz on the novel. Write a paragraph in your own words on London, England.

Grade 8 - Read aloud for ten minutes and have your reading log signed. Finish reading Chapter 8 in Animal Farm. Answer the following study questions in complete sentences:

144. When they got up again, what did they learn?
145. What effect did it have on the animals?
146. What were the losses for the animals?
147. What casualties did the enemy suffer?
148. What saved the day for the animals?
149. How did Squealer celebrate the victory?
150. What name was given to this battle?
151. What decoration did Napoleon create?

152. What was forgotten in the great rejoicing?
153. What came to light a few days later?
154. What became of the whiskey?
155. What did Squealer announce?
156. What was Napoleon’s condition the following morning?
157. What grain did Napoleon have sown?
158. What other commandment did the animals find they had remembered wrong?

Grade 9 - Write a paragraph paraphrasing one of the stanzas from the Book of Job we read today.

Speech - Practice your 500 word speech.

Publications - No homework.

Creative writing - Write in your journal. Finish your list of keywords for each chapter.
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