September 2 homework

All – Unless otherwise noted, you will have English homework every night except Friday night. Complete all assignments in cursive (or type) and when applicable in complete sentences. Handwriting practice sheets are available from me if you need them. The intent is that you be able to write fluently and legibly in cursive.

Grade 7 – Complete the -ive suffix exercise on the back of "The Necklace" study questions handout.

Grade 8 - Answer the first three study questions on "The Bet" handout.

Grade 9 - Read the first "chapter" of Gilgamesh and answer the first study question.

If you were absent or have misplaced your handout, you may download it by clicking on the appropriate link under "Class handouts and downloads" in the column on the right.

Creative writing - Develop your main character. Due Monday.

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