September 15 homework

Grade 7 – Define the following vocabulary words for Call of the Wild and answer the following study questions:

1. primitive
2. progeny
3. revelation
4. soliloquize
5. treachery

Study Questions
1. Who were Perrault and Fran├žois?
2. What was primitive?

Grade 8 - Finish the study questions on the handout for Chapter 1 of Animal Farm. If you were absent or have misplaced your handout, you may download it by clicking on the appropriate link under "Class handouts and downloads" in the column on the right.

Grade 9 - Read Chapter 4 of Gilgamesh, "The Search for Everlasting Life." Answer the following study questions: How would you define the relationship between Gilgamesh and Enkidu? What is important to them about friendship.

Speech - Outline your after dinner presentation.

Publications - Begin your newspaper article, due Friday.

Creative writing - Write nightly in your journal.
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