School Supplies

It's time to start thinking about school supplies. The following are available at COSTCO, Target and/or Office Max. They will also be available through me at Xavier starting the first week of school.

Please bring one of each of the following August 25 to be kept at school:
  1. 3” wilsonjones View Binder for storage notebook
  2. Spiral notebook or composition book to use as a journal
  3. Ream of computer paper
  4. Kirkland 65-count Household Surface Wipes or equivalent
  5. Box of Kleenex

Please keep the following items on hand at all times. Replenish or replace as needed:

  1. 1” wilsonjones View Binder for working notebook
  2. No. 2 pencils or mechanical pencils
  3. Pentel hi-polymer white eraser or equivalent art eraser
  4. Black pen
  5. Blue pen
  6. Red pen
  7. Crayola 24-count set of colored pencils
  8. Crayola 8-count set of colored markers
  9. Black Sharpie, regular point
  10. Glue stick, Elmers or Avery
  11. Scissors
  12. Ruler
  13. Cloth pencil pouch with eyelets for 3-ring binder
  14. College-ruled loose-leaf notebook paperNOT from spiral notebooks
  15. Yellow highlighter
  16. Sheet protectors—please start the year with 20
  17. Water bottle
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