April 8 homework

Grade 6 – Study your Latin vocabulary. Read Chapter XXX, “The Guests”, in The Count of Monte Cristo aloud to an adult, and have them sign your reading log. Note that the Champs Elysees is the most famous street in Paris. Answer the following study questions:

1. Who has invited Albert to the opera?
2. Why has Albert invited so many people to breakfast?
3. Who is Maximilian’s father?
4. How does the Count of Monte Cristo fall asleep whenever he chooses?
5. Whose daughter does Albert de Morcerf plan to marry?
6. How long has it been since a mysterious benefactor saved the Morrels? Why did the Count wait so long to enact his plan of revenge?
7. How did Julie Morrel’s life turn out?

Grade 7 - Study your Latin vocabulary. Finish reading from the middle of pg. 244 to the break in pg. 253 in Chapter XIX, “The Armoured Train”, in My Early Life. Have an adult sign your reading log. Make a keyword outline of the “Hooverville” and “Notable Hoovervilles” sections of your Hooverville handout. For extra credit, research and write a paragraph on the stock market crash of 1987.

Grade 8 - Study your Latin vocabulary and endings. Read Chapters 15 and 16 in Vol. 2 in Pride and Prejudice aloud to an adult, and have them sign your reading log. Answer the following study questions:
1. Chapter 15: Before returning to Hertferdshire, with whom do Elizabeth and Maria visit?
2. What is Elizabeth tempted to tell her hostess? Does she?
3. Chapter 16: Who greets Elizabeth and Maria on their return to Hertfordshire?
4. What are the plans for the regiment in Meryton?
5. Where does Lydia want to spend the summer and why?
6. Why does Elizabeth stay home though Lydia has urged her to take a walk with her to Meryton?

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