April 17 homework

Grade 6 – Study your Latin vocabulary. Read Chapters XXXVII, “The Rise and Fall of Stocks”, and XXXVIII, “Pyramus and Thisbe”, in The Count of Monte Cristo aloud to an adult, and have them sign your reading log. (In Greek mythology, Pyramus and Thisbe are lovers who meet secretly on opposite sides of a garden wall. They decide to elope. Later, one commits suicide thinking the other is dead. Like Romeo and Juliette, they were united forever in death.) Answer the following study questions:

1. Chapter XXXVII: Who objects to the match between Albert de Morcerf and Eugenie Danglars?
2. Why might she do so?
3. Who likes to speculate in the stock market in the Danglars family?
4. Why might the Count want to avoid the Countess de Morcerf?
5. Whom is Franz to marry?
6. Who might have been involved with the murder of Franz’s grandfather (remember that it was those loyal to Napoleon who carried out the murder)?
7. Chapter XXXVI: How do Valentine and Eugenie feel about themen they are meant to marry?
8. Why does Valentine think that her step-mother opposes her marrying at all?
9. What event caused Maximilian to think the Count is looking out for him?

Grade 7 - Study your Latin vocabulary. Finish writing your paper on Winston Churchill, and be ready to pass it in tomorrow. It should have an introductory paragraph, three supporting paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. Begin reading Chapter XXII in My Early Life aloud to an adult, and have them sign your reading log.

Grade 8 - Study your Latin vocabulary and endings. Make a brief timeline showing the deaths of the people listed in history class today. Read Chapters 6 and 7 in Vol. 3 in Pride and Prejudice aloud to an adult, and have them sign your reading log. Answer the following study questions:

1. Chapter 6: Why does Mr. Gardiner set off for London? Why does Mrs. Gardiner stay behind?
2. What do people in Meryton think now of Mr. Wickham?
3. What is the gist of Mr. Collin’s letter? Why is he now glad Elizabeth turned down his proposal?
4. Other than running off with Lydia, what is another reason for Wickham wishing to remain hidden?
5. Mr. Bennett leaves Mr. Gardiner to continue the search. Who does Mr. Bennett blame for the whole situation?
6. Chapter 7: Who finds Wickham?
7. What does Wickham propose?
8. Why does Mr. Bennett think that Mr. Gardiner must have paid Wickham a large amount of money in order to make him marry Lydia?
9. Why is Mrs. Bennett ecstatic? What does she immediately begin planning?

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