December 11 homework

Grade 6 - Practice Latin flashcards. Write three paragraphs describing the major battles in the Persian War we talked about in class: Marathon, Thermopylae, and Salamis. Use your notes for reference but put everything into your own words. Self-edit your paragraphs.

Grade 7 - Practice Latin flashcards. Study map of Europe. Read from the bottom of pg. 143 to the beginning of pg. 154 in All Quiet on the Western Front. Do study questions 1 and 2 for chapters 6-9. Answer in complete sentences after restating the question:
1. Why are Paul and his company moving back to the front?
2. How does the battle progress over the two weeks the company spends at the front?

Grade 8 - Practice Latin flashcards. Study map of India. Finish reading Chapter 9 in The Lord of the Flies. Do the vocabulary and study questions.
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