October 15 homework

Grade 6 - Study your flashcards. Read Books 6 through 8 Illustrated Odyssey. On the new Greek map, study the location of the 7 seas surrounding Greece. Continue working on your contribution to KXCS.

Grade 7 - Study your flashcards. Read Chapter 3 in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Answer the following study questions (always in complete sentences):
1. How does Jekyll describe Lanyon? What does this suggest about Jekyll’s feelings about his own abilities?
2. What does Jekyll ask of Utterson at the end of the chapter? Why does Utterson have strong misgivings about this request?

Grade 8 - Study your flashcards. Finish Chekov's "The Bet" along with the notes on your margin sheet. Place both in the Literature section of your notebook. Be ready to write a few paragraphs on the short story tomorrow.
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