I'll see you Monday

As you've probably already heard, school will start Monday at 8:00 a.m. at the Nazarene church, 1231 Washington Street North, in Twin Falls. We'll all meet in the gym, which is a separate building to the left of the main building. You'll see a sign that corresponds to your grade level, and you will gather with your homeroom class to be directed from there. The room we get to use for English and history is great -- lots of space, many windows, a view of the mountains when the air is clear, and our own restroom (!).

You will not, however, have any cubbies or lockers while we're using the church. If you ordered school supplies through Xavier, you'll receive them during homeroom on Monday. We're asking you to bring your supplies home and keep them there until we're in our classrooms at Xavier. All you need to bring is:

1. Your lunch in a backpack that you can hang over the back of your chair during class time
2. One 1-inch notebook

I'll provide paper and pens.

Meanwhile, city inspections are coming along, and though we've asked for two weeks at the church to be on the safe side, we expect the Xavier building will be up to code by the end of the first week. The volunteer work by parents, students, teachers, and staff has been phenomenal. We can all truly say that this is our school!

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